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Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo預付序號(Activation Number)-300 Nintendo Points(僅適用於地區設定為臺灣的主機/for Nintendo 3DS which region is set as Taiwan only) (請點擊右邊USD轉換為美元結算後,購物車就會出現)


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eShop: Nintendo


Not available in HKD

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*請點擊右邊USD轉換為美元結算後, 購物車就會出現


(詳情請至。可於Nintendo eShop中使用。可在Nintendo eShop上登錄300 Nintendo Points。
Activation number can be used to purchase downloadable software on Nintendo eShop.
(Details please visit 300 Nintendo Points can be added to Nintendo eShop.

※圖片僅供參考。販售的是Nintendo預付序號,並非此卡。Actual product is a set of activation number instead of the card.


【有關Nintendo 3DS系列之「Nintendo eShop」服務結束日期通告】

Nintendo 3DS系列之「Nintendo eShop」將於以下日期分階段結束服務。


Nintendo eShop內之餘額補充










Customer will receive a confirmation e-mail once the transaction is completed. Please kindly click the URL to re-confirm the transaction. Activation number will be shown after the re-confirmation procedure is done.
Activation number which is purchased cannot be re-issued, refunded, compensated nor transferred after registration, except as specified in the laws and regulations applying in Hong Kong or other regions. Additionally, any registered points and any shopping service products that have been once been purchased cannot be returned, refunded, redeemed nor transferred.

Customer Service Email Address: